Daily Bonus

Every day you log into Quick Hit Slots to play, you will receive the Daily Bonus reward. This reward is made up of three parts—the Quick Hit Lottery bonus, the return bonus, and the friends bonus.

The Quick Hit Lottery bonus is determined by the number of the ball that is randomly selected.

The return bonus is a secondary gift of coins that increases when you log into the game consecutively. If you miss a day, the return bonus is reset to one.

The friends bonus is available to our players who have a game account linked to their Facebook account. The more Facebook friends you share gifts of coins with, the higher the free coin bonus. There is a cap of 25 friends.

Make sure to log in every day for seven days to get the best return!


Some players may also have the daily Bonus Quest Tokens Trove. This is also a daily bonus that increases with each consecutive day you play.

This bonus will add Quick Hit Tokens to your game. These tokens act as a secondary, limited time bankroll. Any win you receive from using your Quick Hit Tokens will appear in your normal bankroll.

Once the timer is up or you have spent all of the secondary Quick Hit Token bankroll, the coins will disappear.


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