Best Performance Tips

Here are a few ways you can help make sure that your game is playing at its best! 

  • Download Newest Version of Flash player HERE.
  • No Multitasking. Avoid having multiple browser windows or tabs open and avoid running programs. 
  • Avoid Closing or Minimizing while playing. 
  • Slow reels or “sticky” spin button? Be sure to lower the flash quality by right clicking while in game. A menu will pop up, choose Quality and switch to Low. (Option not available for Gold Fish Casino)
  • You may also try setting your computer energy settings to High Performance.
  • Clear Cache. This is important if you are having issues loading or reentering the game. Learn how toHERE
  • Have the most updated version of your browser. Update them here:
  • Screen too big? Zoom in and out by hitting the Ctrl button and the letter Z while rolling your scroll button on your mouse up and down. You can also Zoom in and out by clicking the right mouse button. It will bring up a menu that has zoom in and out options.
  • Shockwave isn’t responding? Try these tips HERE.
  • Using a mobile device? Try turning the device off and back on, then re-access the game
  • Restart your Computer
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