Leveling Up & Gaining Experience

Leveling Up is how you mark your progress through the game. Progress is marked by experience points which can be marked by the purple Experience Bar at the top of the playing screen. You gain experience points by betting. The fastest way to gain experience is by betting high. For example if you bet $5 per line on 20 lines you may receive 100 experience for that spin. So in this case, it pays to bet big!

Leveling Up has its advantages. When you level up you have more opportunities for extra coins, Bet Per Line increases, increased Bonus Awards, and Unlocking Slots from the line up! Sometimes Preview Slots provide a peek at those machines that are just out of reach from your current level. 

Currently Quick Hit Slots has a level cap of 1200. You will not gain experience points nor level up coins for future levels until we release them, therefore everyone who reaches level cap will stay there until new levels are released.

Boost events increases your experience per bet! Be sure to participate when its available!

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